"Any fool can carry on, but a wise man knows how to shorten sail in time."

- Joseph Conrad

Valuation and New Ventures

2hr   $500

Considering buying a practice or starting one from scratch? Do not go into this blind. I can help you look over the financials as well as the practice stats to help you avoid the endless pitfalls that can arise.

Operational Consulting

1hr   $300

If you have a specific area of your practice whether it is marketing, clinical, or human resources, Dr. Martin can help you make the most economical choices that will give you the best returns.

Practice Overhaul

20hr   $4000

Dr. Martin will spend a Friday in your office and spend all day Saturday coaching you to make the necessary changes in your practice that will increase your profitability and give you proven ways to deal with issues. Travel expenses are in addition to fee.

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